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Me Towing Dad On The Bathurst Esky

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John F. van Aken.
3 Le Couteur Ave.
Victoria, Australia, 3747.

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G'day, I'm John, yeah that's me in the wheelchair, and that's my Father sitting on "The Bathurst Esky" which was built by my brother Steve. The Esky was built specifically to be towed behind my wheelchair so that we would have cold drinks at arms reach while trackside at the big 1000 Kilometer race on Mount Panorama, the esky proudly dons the Blue Cobra Stripes.

The Cobra is my dream machine, and has been since first setting eyes on one of these "Blue & White Coupes" in a "Ford Rules Supreme" magazine that was given to me for my 18th birthday, I'd always liked the XC Falcon, and was privileged to actually drive my brothers 4 door sedan back in February '89 (nine months before I started my new life in my wheelchair).

My passion for Fords was bred in to me right from birth when Dad was the proud owner of a white ZD Fairlane, V8 of course, this was followed by that previously mentioned 4 door XC Falcon and then an XF Fairmont.

Unfortunately, being the owner of a Cobra is a far off dream for me, but the passion I have for the "Blue & White Legend" will be poured in to this Web Site until the dream becomes reality.

As a reward for my efforts, The "Falcon Cobra Club Of Australia (Vic) Inc have made me an honorary club member, and presented me membership number: 401. On the 7th November they made my biggest dream come true when I was taken Cruising in Cobra #376... Wow... What a grin that put on my face. It is your ongoing support and encouragement as fans of my web site that has given me this most fabulous thrill and made my dream come true.

Thank You All, your encouragement makes it a joy to bring you each and every update, Happy Cruising Every One, Go Ford!!!


Ford Falcon Cobra, a spirited car for the enthusiast

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