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I'd Like To Acknowledge The Following People
For Their Contributions & Support!

Mark Pividor & 019, Nick & Katherine Short & 257, Paul & Julia Leslie & 181,
David Zwar & 203, Trevor & Janeene Cooke & 002, Dale & Kristine Duffin & 287,
Duane & Kerry Morrow & 376, Rodney & Christine Hansen & 392,
Scott Boyes & 198, Michael E. & 357, Michael McGillick & 351,
Bill Jones & 224, Chris Flocken & 226, Craig Torr & 137, Geoff Day & 029,
Ross Bray, Tony Wilson, Chris Sellick, Gerry, Michael Munro,
Michael Wright, Trevor Higgins, Whit, Brett Critchley,
David Blanch from, Anthony Sacco from,
Sandy Mercer from, Alan 'Moby' Stuart from,
Central Coast Motor Books
, Chevron Publishing & Australian Muscle Car Magazine.

Thank You All, Your Input Is Greatly Appreciated!
This site would not be what it is without You!

Thanks also to my family for there endless encouragement,
My Parents: Hans & Ria,
My Brothers: Stephen, Paul, Michael & Robbie,
& Their Wives: Pauline, Diane & Lea.


Ford Falcon Cobra, a spirited car for the enthusiast

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